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Banner Printing: Custom Roll-Up Banners


Roll up banner printing by GP Global Postal and Print allows you to create one or more custom print banners, printing in full color on premium, 12 mil white block-out banner material. Roll up banners are a smart option not only because of their eye-catching impact, but also because they are easy to display as well as store. Rush Flyers also offers display stands for purchase. The material used for this product can make exact cuts a challenge, so the Rush Flyers design team recommends that you avoid the use of borders in this product unless they are 2” or thicker.

A roll up banner is an ideal option for advertising a special sale or informing a passerby about an upcoming event. For example, a restaurant may create a different roll up banner for every day of the week, advertising their daily specials to make the most of the busy lunch crowd. Or, a retail shop could create a handful of banners to use during their various annual sales, designed to attract the attention of both new and already existing customers. Once the special event has passed, it is incredibly easy to simply roll up the banner and store it safely in the display stand. This feature not only saves you space, but also ensures that the banners maintain their original, excellent condition.

Standard Features

  • Sizes - 33” x 77”
  • Quantity - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Colors - 4/0 (Printing on One Side Only)


  • Ink Colors - – Full Color Front only.
  • Material – Economical Retractable.
  • Turnaround Time - 1-2 Days, 2-3 Days

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